Allowing the flooding of the Levels was a matter of EU policy, introduced by a 2007 Directive and consciously adopted by the Environment Agency in 2008, which then sought to increase the frequency of flooding in the area.  

As Richard North reveals on EU Referendum:

Unacknowledged by either government, the media or even Chris Smith in his current diatribe, this policy was given legislative force, not by the Westminster parliament but by an EU directive 2007/60/EC of 23 October 2007 on the assessment and management of flood risks.

There, in recital 14, we saw spelled out the requirement that flood risk management plans should focus on prevention, protection and preparedness. But, “with a view to giving rivers more space, they should consider where possible the maintenance and/or restoration of floodplains, as well as measures to prevent and reduce damage to human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activity”.

There, writ large, was Defra’s “making space for water” policy and all that was needed for an already Green-dominated Environment Agency to abandon the Somerset Levels.

There’s more besides in the post, including how all this came into being, and the warnings of what was to come.  It really is a must read, particularly for journalists and those who like to comment on threads on the media’s websites.  Click HERE

UKIP say no to any UK military intervention in Syria

We have been in Afghanistan for longer than the first and second world wars put together and the benefits to the civilians of the country are marginally increased yet the price paid in money and blood by British troops is enormous. 

There is no clear proof it was the Assad regime who used chemical weapons

We have no idea who the rebels are - a point UKIP has been making since the start and we opposed the arming of the rebels who it has been indicated have extremist Islamic elements.

The MoD is already struggling with budget cuts and troops are being made redundant, many with very few opportunities of jobs on civvy street during this economic decline.

It, quite simply, is not our business anyway. We are not world policemen.

We saw a decade ago what happens with dodgy evidence being given to Parliament and we must not repeat the mistakes of Iraq.

Barroso Says UKIP Will Win

In a staggering admission European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso stated that UKIP could win the forthcoming European Parliament elections and that the Tories were merely a “copy” of UKIP in their European election strategy...

Failure of Border Agency Not A Surprise

Reports that Britain's current border security system is at risk of collapse is unsurprising. The sheer numbers of those coming into the country make it impossible for Britain to properly track and keep record of who is coming in and leaving the country...

Pressure on School Places

Increasing pressure on Britain's schools fuelled by a migrant baby boom once again demonstrates the damaging and debilitating result of mass uncontrolled immigration. It is UKIP's view that controlled migration into the UK which is managed properly is a positive thing...


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